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Our Design Partnership

As a Premium Design & Supply Partner for the industry, to a significant amount of commercial and residential customers since 2005, Training Station has leveraged our expertise in design and exceptional service to provide innovative products nationwide. Initially established as a facility providing personal training and home & commercial gym design, we have effectively combined both elements.


So collaborating with our innovative and/or stylish partners , we can supply home gym equipment products  such as NOHRD acclaimed for there sophisticated aesthetics such as the which are also very functional in design, to generate solutions that continually challenge and expand our sector. Also a wonderful home gym flooring range to provide traditional rubber and matting options through to more visually appealing to blend in with your home environment.

We would be delighted  to showcase our various suppliers in our training facility, along with our ability to integrate them into any design or spatial plan.

Personal Training Influenced & Exceptional Product Training

Since then, we have advanced to form a unique retail/supplier environment. Our experienced PT team has the technical understanding combined with exemplary product training provided  by our suppliers. This training guarantees our understanding of which  products are best for our customers and their needs & style


Home Gym Design

  • Gym Design

  • Stylish Equipment

  • Exceptional Digital Interface

  • Cardio & Strength

Beautiful, Functional & Immersive Spaces, with access to all the leading ranges in home gym equipment, design & desire.

Garage Gym Design 

  • Gym Design

  • Simple or Immersive 

  • Functional & Innovative

  • Cardio & Strength

Exceptionally well designed for todays needs, however still retaining its stylish looks

Garden Room Design

We can start with designing the actual Garden room, through to equipment selection, flooring & mirrors.

  • Gym Design

  • Performance Range

  • Home or Commercial Usage

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  • Free on site, instore or virtual consultation of your  gym requirements

  • Expert recommendations to ensure the most suitable type and the right combination of gym equipment for your space

  • If needed, 3D home gym designs, 3D cut-outs or full 3D renders

  • Gym equipment supply, professional assembly & installation

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